Apostles and Prophets_the Bible, Jesus Christ and You

“Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit. ” (Ephesians 2: 1 9- 22 NJKV)

Table of  Contents:  Apostles and Prophets, the Bible.

chapter 1: Paul Wraps up the Bible page 3
1-1 Other Scriptures to Support Colossians 1:25. page 3
1-2 Where Paul Got His Doctrine. page 5
1-3 The Apostle Peter acknowledged Paul as a Scripture Writing Apostle
1-4 Word of God (Scriptures) from the Apostle Paul. page 7
1-5 The Apostle Paul, a champion of inspiration of scriptures as on all other Doctrines. page 8
1-6 Sufferings and the Ministry of Paul. Page 9
1-7 Apostle with Children, I Timothy and II Corinthians. Page 12
chapter 2: The Bible is Christ page 15
2-1 The Living God of the Living page 16
2-2 Righteousness of God and Man. page 19
2-3 The Composite Witness of the Bible page 21
2-4 God, Man, and the Son of Man. page 25
2-5 The Resurrection of Jesus. page 29
2-6 Wisdom from God. page 32
2-7 The Gospel. page 33
2-8 Listening More Important than Sacrifice. page 34
2-9 What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen People of God. page 35
2-10 The Salvation of God. page 37
2-11 The New King of Israel. page 38
2-12 The Living God wants others to Live. page 40
chapter 3: The Old Testament According to the New Testament page 42
3-1 Stephen’s Outline of Old Testament History in Acts 7. page 43
3-2 Amos the Prophet. page 45
3-3 Wrap-up of History of Stephen. page 46
3-4 David to Christ. page 47
3-5 The 16 Writing Prophets. page 49
3-6 The Prophet Isaiah. page 50
3-7 A Short Message from Amos, Joel, and the Great Maker of History
3-8 A Harmony of History. page 58
3-9 Prophets, Apostles, and the Spirit of Christ. page 58
3-10 Acts, the Old Testament according to the New Testament, and the
Gospels And the Prophets. page 60
chapter 4 Matthew and Jesus. page 63
4-1 Who is Jesus to His Contemporaries? page 63
4-2 Who is Jesus According to Subsequent History? page 66
4-3 The Sources, the Bible and the books of the Bible. page 68
4-4: Christ, Marriage, and the Church. page 71
4-5: Jesus and the Builder’s of History. page 71
4-6: Understanding from Peter’s First Sermon. page 74
4-7: Choose Jesus or the Temple. page 75
4-8: Judas betrayed Jesus in order to save his own temple. page 77
4-9: The Cornerstone is Alive! page 79
4-10 How are the Living Stones today? page 80
4-11 Jesus Proclaimed in the Old Testament and Established with His teachings in the New Testament by the Apostle Matthew page 81
4-12 Matthew and Psalms. page 83
4-13 Matthew and the Prophets. page 84
chapter 5: John Mark and the Apostle James page 89
5-1: Mark. page 89
5-2: James on Mark. page 91
5-3: The Old Testament in James. page 95
5-4: “The Living God of the Living” from Genesis 1:26 thru Exodus 16:18 p 99
5-5: Mark’s Appendix. page 103
5-6: The First Seven. Page 104
5-7: The Second Seven. page 107
5-8: The Third Seven. page 109
5-9: Fourth Seven. page 110
5-10: Fifth Seven. page 112
5-11: Sixth Seven. page 112
5-12: Seventh Seven. page 112
chapter 6: The Gospel Explained and Reinforced: Paul in Hebrews and Roman, and Luke.
6-1: Hebrew s and Psalms. page 115
6-2: Romans and Isaiah. page 122
6-3: Jesus is the Foundation Stone. page 124
6-4: The Gospel Reinforced, Luke. page 127
6-5: Luke and the Apostle Peter’s Epistles. page 128
6-6: The Old Testament in Peter’s Epistles and Luke. page 130
6-7: Another Composite. page 131
6-8: Gospel Reinforced. page 132
chapter 7: Prophets and Apostles page 135
7-1: The Apostles Peter and James on the Prophets. page 135
7-2: A Rapid Survey of the Prophets according to Peter and James. page 137
7-3: Applications. page 144
7-4: The Minor Prophets from Joel to Malachi. page 148
7-5 The Prophet Joel. page 149
7-6: The Prophet Amos. page 150
7-7: The Gospel on Jonah. page 152
7-8: The Prophet Obadiah. page 153
7-9: The Prophet Hosea. page 154
7-10: The Prophet Micah. page 155
7-11: The Prophet Nahum. page 157
7-12: The Prophet Habakkuk. page 158
7-13: The Prophet Zephaniah. page 158
7-14: The Prophet Hagaii. page 160
7-15: The Prophet Zechariah. page 162
7-16: The Prophet Malachi. page 163
chapter 8: All the Prophets of the Old Testament page 165
8-1: The Prophet Messiah and The LORD Thy God. page 165
8-2: The Progressive Flow of the Gospel. page 172
8-3: The Gospel to the Jews is that Jesus is their King! page 177
8-4: Major Inserts from the Majors on the Gospel. page 178
chapter 9: Solid Foothold in the Prophets and Christian Faith. page 184
9-1: The Prophet Joel and the Apostle Peter. page 185
9-2: Axes to Grind. page 186
9-3: Christian Faith. page 188
9-4: The Prophet Obadiah. page 196
9-5: The Historical Context of Bad Blood between Jacob and Esau. page 200
9-6: In the Total Context of the Bible. page 203
9-7: The Fair Judgments of God. page 204
9-8: We Preach Christ. page 204
9-9: Shew us the Father: We Preach Christ. page 207
chapter 10: Prophetic Messages on History page 211
10-1: Major Prophets of the Chaldean Period, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah. page 211
10-2: The Prophets on Jerusalem, Zephaniah, Ezekiel, and Habakkuk. and Jeremiah. page 218
10-3: An Outline of Ezekiel. page 222
10-4: Why Me on the National Level, Habakkuk? page 224
10-5: The Temple: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. page 225
10-6: The Prophet Haggai. page 228
10-7: Zechariah. page 232
10-8: The Prophet Malachi. page 232
chapter 11: LAST DAYS and Eschatology in the Prophets page 234
11-1: Beginning of the Last Days. page 235
11-2: The Great and Notable Day of the Lord. page 236
11-3: Battle of Jehoshaphat and Jewish Conversion. page 237
11-4: All Israel Saved, Romans 11. page 238
11-5: Jesus on Eschatology, Matthew 24. page 239
11-6: Great Tribulation. page 241
11-7: Out of Respect for B.H. Carroll. page 242
11-8: Apostle Peter on Eschatology. page 244
11-9: Eschatology and Fear. page 245
11-10: Eschatology in the Pre-Prophet Prophets. page 246
11-11: Eschatology in the Prophets of the Assyrian Period. page 248
11-12: Eschatology in the Prophets of the Chaldean Period. page 252
11-13: Eschatology of the Persian Period. page 256
11-14: The Composite Witness of the New Pentateuch. page 259
chapter 12: Eschatology in the book of Revelation page 261
12-1: Last Things (Eschatology) in the book of Revelation. page 261
12-2: Cycles of Historical Events. page 264
12-3: Eschatology in the Prophets. page 265
12-4: Bottom Line of the book of Revelation. page 270
12-5: The Seven Last Plagues. page 271
12-6: Two Cautions. page 272
12-7: A Candle Still Burns in the City until the Fall of the U.S. page 274
12-8: Composite Witness of the Five of the New Pentateuch. page 274
chapter 13: The Prophet Messiah. page 250

NOTE:  As the distribution increases, you will be able here on WordPress to select the specific section in which you are interested, perhaps now you would like to download a PDF copy of this Content in order to browse more thoroughly and mark the sections and chapters in which you are most interested.  The BIBLE AND YOU at www.sungrist.org/BibleAndYou.pdf .  In fact, if you have a favorite topic of interest, you can express it here in the comments or email Jerry McMichael at SunGrist .


Author: sungrist3in1

Newer profile for Scottish Corner Research and Photos to a fighting Highlander; however it would seem that they more accurately made contributions as farmers and Presbyterians, also contributing to the Scot and Scot-Irish pioneer spirit that made such a contribution to America. Often settlers would strive to use them as "arrow catchers" outside their own settlements. However, in search of land for a living, they were up to the task. The big rural Ulster scene reminds us of perhaps the main thrust for pioneering with a farm scene, courtesy of Scot in Ulster. Of course even in Ulster they felt pressures against freedom of worship from the Anglicans and Irish Catholics. http://www.biblecombibleman.com/ScottishCorner.html

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